Get a free on-page SEO scan for your local business!

This tool was developed to help small businesses see how optimized their websites are for search engines, and advise them of areas they can improve. To use this tool, simply enter the URL of your webpage followed by the keyword and location you are trying to target.

Here are some of the things this tool checks:

The length of your page title

The presence of a Meta Description

Checks that there is only one H1 (header) on the page

Checks for the presence of H2s, H3s, etc.

Checks that your keyword and location are in your H1 tag

Checks if you have any broken images

Makes sure your images have Alt Attributes

The length of your content - checks that it's at least 400 words

Calculates "Keyword Density" and "Location Keyword Density"

*Note on the Location: Because of the many variations your location may appear on your page (for example, if your location was Richmond, Virginia that may appear on your page as Richmond, Va; Richmond, Virginia or just Richmond), so for best results, just put in the name of your location while leaving off any state identifier(for our example of Richmond, Virginia just put "Richmond" for best results).

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