Pay Per Click Advertising for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Effective advertising campaigns to get your business noticed

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for small businesses on Google and Bing can be one of the fastest and most immediate ways to drive traffic to your website and increase revenue for your business. Because PPC advertising is a complex process, you need Summit Digital on your side. We will build a customized online advertising plan to ensure your business is on the right foot with your online advertising endeavors.

What You Get

Initial Research

During this stage, we will analyze your website and current web presence to get a better idea of your business. We will also do extensive location research to get a better sense of your local competition, as well as thorough keyword research.

Account Setup

After all of our research is complete, we will begin creating your Google Adwords account, and start building it out with all of the knowledge gained from the previous step.

Launch Your Campaign

Once your account is set up, we will launch your campaign with your initial advertising budget. This is the most exciting stage, because clients will finally start coming to your business through Google and Bing!

Gather Data and Re-Optimize

Once your campaign has been running for at least a month, we will have a much greater understanding of your local search market, and we will continue to optimize your campaign to lower your cost of advertising as well as bring in more qualified traffic.