Search Engine Optimization for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Our innovative and effective strategies will ensure your business is found through the top search engines

For the uninitiated, Search Engine Optimization is the process of making changes on and off your website that will improve your chances of showing up in the search engines like Google. Because it can take some time to get to the top of the search engine rankings, SEO is considered a long-term strategy, but once your business starts ranking at the top of the search engine results, it can be extremely rewarding.

With several years experience in Digital Marketing, Summit Digital specializes in building data-driven Search Engine Optimization strategies for Small & Medium-sized businesses in the United States. Whether you're a small local business or a high-growth start-up, your business can benefit from SEO.

What You Get

Your Website Optimized for Full Visibility

During this stage, we will analyze a variety of aspects of your small business website and current web presence. Several changes to your website will be made, including things like the text content, page titles, descriptions, images, and URLs will be optimized for SEO, if needed.

Tracking of Web Traffic That Will Allow Us to Make Data Driven Decisions

During the setup period, we will add Google Analytics to your site, which will allow us to track the web traffic that your website is receiving. This is important, because it will allow us to judge our progress and make more data-driven marketing decisions regarding your small-business SEO- which is always a good thing in our book.

Monthly Updates on Your SEO Progress

After some time has passed since our initial on-site optimizations, we will check our progress and see if we have made any improvements in the rankings. At this stage, we will begin to implement more advanced on-page SEO techniques that will further improve your rankings in the search results. During this period, we will also begin our off-site SEO by building local citations for your business.

Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques

As Website Developers and Search Engine Optimization experts, we have a much better understanding of how websites are put together, which allows us to have much greater control over the advanced on-page SEO techniques that we will incorporate into your website. Many of our competitors rely on 3rd party web developers to implement basic on-page SEO techniques, while we do 100% of our work in house. Do you want to trust your website with a 3rd party developer that you never agreed to work with?